What's Inside your Brain

Tom Goddard
July 25, 2013

What do we see inside a human brain?

Can we figure out how the brain works?

Preserved human brain, 65-year old female. Slices 5 times thinner than sheet of paper.
Brain surface Slices (20 um) Slice
Neuron trace 500 neurons, spread out Physiological density.
reset p2 10 hold #2
Electron microscopy, serial block face Rat cortex plane
vol #503 planes z,1000,1500
Synapse tomography
Synaptic vesicles Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
reset p5
Morph receptor open/closed.
Acetylcholine Nicotine Krait snake venom

Krait snake, 30% fatality rate for untreated bites.


Show Big Brain human brain imaging data, traced neurons, rat cortex EM, and synapse ion channels. The aim is to figure out how the brain works? Throw in stereo glasses, space navigator and leap motion devices for technology interest.