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writesel sel-file options

Writesel writes a parsable list of the currently selected (or unselected) items. It is the command-line implementation of Actions... Write List.

The output file name/pathname (sel-file) must be specified before any options. If sel-file includes spaces, it must be enclosed in single or double quote marks. If sel-file is browse or browser, a dialog for saving the file will appear. If sel-file is a single dash, the information will be sent to the Reply Log instead of saved to a file.


Option keywords for writesel can be truncated to unique strings and their case does not matter. A vertical bar "|" designates mutually exclusive options, and default values are indicated with bold. Synonyms for true: True, 1. Synonyms for false: False, 0.

namingStyle simple|command|serial
Style to use for specifications: Model number will be included when multiple models are present. If namingStyle is not supplied, the Atomspec display style specified in the Labels preferences will be used.
selected true|false
Whether to write out specifications of items that are selected; if false, descriptions of the unselected items will be written out.
itemType atom|bond|pseudobond|residue|molecule|model
Whether to write specifications of atoms, bonds, pseudobonds, residues, molecule models, or non-molecule (molecular surface, surface, VRML, and volume) models, respectively.
See also: Actions... Write List, pdbrun, write, saving PDB files