Chimera Commands Index

texture new texture_name [num_colors]

texture map index=name ...

texture color index color

texture use texture_name

Texture new creates a new texture with the given name. If num_colors is not given, the texture will be able to contain five distinct colors. If given, num_colors must be 4 or 5. The principal advantage of using a four-color texture is that color transitions occur midway between vertices in a four-color texture, but not in a five-color texture.

Texture map assigns names to the texture colors. This command can be used in two ways. It can be used to assign mnemonics to the texture colors (e.g., texture map 1=hydrophilic 2=hydrophobic ...), in which case the texture color command would be used to assign actual color values to the texture colors, or it can be used to directly assign color values to the texture colors (e.g., texture map 1=red 2=green 3=blue ...). At this time, redefining a color with the colordef command after that color has been used in texture map will not cause a change in the texture color.

Texture color assigns color to the texture color corresponding to index.

Texture use makes the texture named texture_name the current texture for purposes of further texture and tcolor commands. The initial default texture is named default.


texture map 1=red 2=blue 3=yellow 4=gray
tcolor gray
tcolor red @o=
tcolor blue @n=
tcolor yellow @s=

See also: tcolor