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surftransparency  percent [ atom-spec [ frames ]]

~surftransparency [ atom-spec [ frames ]]

The command surftransparency changes the transparency of a surface to the specified percent, where 0% is completely opaque and 100% is completely transparent. It is equivalent to transparency with the ,s specifier. For molecular surfaces, this overrides any transparencies included in the definitions of the surface colors, but they are remembered and can be restored with ~surftransparency. For other surface models, ~surftransparency sets the transparency to 0%. A change in surface transparency can be performed abruptly, or over a specified number of frames. See the video mini-example. See also: surface, surfrepr, colordef, the Actions menu, movie-related commands

The transparencies of per-atom patches of molecular surface can be adjusted independently by specifying the corresponding atoms. Other surface models can only be specified as a whole.

Surfaces colored with tcolor will not be affected by surftransparency.