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modeldisplay atom-spec

~modeldisplay atom-spec

modeldisplay model_number(s)

~modeldisplay model_number(s)

Modeldisplay sets model-level display status (where "model" can indicate a submodel or a model that is not subdivided into submodels). If the atom-spec is blank, all open models will be affected. If an atom-spec is given, models with model numbers corresponding to the specified atoms will be affected. Alternatively, models can be specified with one or more model numbers or ranges of model numbers separated by commas (with or without a preceding #).

Modeldisplay toggles the overall display status of all types of models; it does not reset the display status of individual atoms, bonds, or atom surfaces, but overrides them (see display hierarchy). Changing the model-level display status can be thought of as enabling or disabling the display of its components; even if display is enabled at the model level, individual components may or may not be displayed.

Hiding a model without disrupting its atomic display states is often convenient. For example, it is common to display the backbone of a protein plus only the side chains of interest and a few important crystallographic waters. Attaining this state may take several commands or menu actions. ~Modeldisplay/modeldisplay can then be used to hide and show the model without disrupting the display setup.


~modeldisp #0.1-5
- hide submodels 1 to 5 of model 0
~modeldisp #1
- hide model 1

See also: display, objdisplay, surface, the Model Panel