Chimera Commands Index

( modelcolor | modelcolour ) color_name atom-spec

( modelcolor | modelcolour ) color_name model_number(s)

Modelcolor assigns color to molecule models at the model (or submodel) level. Atoms and ribbons will only show the model color when they lack color assignments of their own, because model color is overruled by more specific color settings (see coloring hierarchy).

Color_name can be none or any color name that specifies a single color.

If the atom-spec is blank, all open molecule models will be affected; otherwise, the entire model(s) containing atom-spec will be affected. Alternatively, molecule models can be specified with one or more model numbers or ranges of model numbers separated by commas (with or without a preceding #).

Model-level color can also be changed in the molecule model attributes panel.

See also: color, ribinsidecolor, scolor, transparency, surfcolor