Chimera Commands Index

export [ format format ] [ filename ]

export list

The command export saves the graphical scene as a file named filename in the specified format (see limitations):

The format can be specified with the filename suffix or separately with the keyword format. The keyword specification is case-independent and will override any specification by suffix, and the appropriate suffix will be added if filename does not already include it. If filename is omitted, a dialog for specifying the file name and location will appear.

The command export list reports the available format settings in the status line and Reply Log. Chimera extensions that enable further export types can add to the format list.

POV-Ray, RenderMan, STL, and VRML files are generated by postprocessing an initial X3D file. The conversion programs x3d2pov, x3d2RM, x3d2stl, and x3d2vrml are included with Chimera (in the bin directory) but can be used separately.

See also: struts, save, write, copy, pdbrun, Write DMS, exporting a scene, raytracing with POV-Ray, saving data