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sop operation arguments options

The sop command edits a surface model to create a new surface model. See also: scolor, setattr, volume (surface and mesh options), surface attributes

Currently there is one operation, finerMesh.

Operation keywords and their sub-keywords described below can be truncated to unique strings, and their case does not matter.

sop finerMesh  surf-model  spacing d  general-options

Subdivide the surface mesh to achieve the specified vertex spacing d. The surf-model argument can be a model number or range of model numbers preceded by #, or simply # to indicate all applicable surfaces. If the input surface already has a finer mesh than what is specified, it will simply be duplicated.

General Options

Synonyms for true: True, 1. Synonyms for false: False, 0. A vertical bar "|" designates mutually exclusive options, and default settings are indicated with bold.
modelId N
Open the new surface as model number N (an integer, optionally preceded by #). The default is the lowest unused number.
inPlace true|false
Whether to overwrite the existing surface in Chimera instead of creating a new one.