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rlabel [ offset default | x,y,z ] atom-spec

~rlabel atom-spec

Rlabel displays labels containing residue name and specifier for residues with any atom in atom-spec. (Residue labels containing other information can be displayed using the Actions menu.) ~Rlabel removes residue labels.

Label font and size can be set in the Background preferences.

By default, a residue label is placed at the centroid of the displayed atoms in the residue. When ribbon is displayed instead of mainchain atoms, mainchain atom positions are still used in computing the centroid. The offset keyword allows specifying an absolute offset from the centroid or a return to the default behavior. The word default can be truncated. An absolute offset is specified by three comma-separated values x,y,z representing distances along the X-, Y-, and Z-axes in the laboratory coordinate system:

Negative distances can be used. Label offsets can also be adjusted with the mouse.

See also: color, label, labelopt, the Actions menu, 2dlabels