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ribscale scaling atom-spec

Ribscale controls which ribbon scaling (named set of secondary-structure-specific dimensions) is used. Possible scaling settings include:

Their definitions can be viewed in the Ribbon Style Editor. Additional scalings created and named with the Ribbon Style Editor can also be used. Other ways to switch among ribbon scalings are with the Selection Inspector and the molecule model attributes panel.

Scaling names containing spaces should be enclosed in single or double quote marks, for example:

ribscale "Chimera default" :1-8.b
Even if only particular atoms are specified, the ribbon segment(s) corresponding to the entire residue(s) containing the atoms will be affected.

Known problem: reassigning secondary structure (for example, by using ksdssp) sets the scaling of some residues to Chimera default; any other scalings previously in effect need to be reapplied.

See also: ribbon, ribbackbone, ribrepr, the Ribbon Style Editor