Chimera Commands Index

copy [ file filename ] [ format ] [ printer printername ] [ width x ] [ height y ] [ supersample n ] [ raytrace [ rtwait ] [ rtclean ]]

Copy saves the contents of the graphics window as an image, either rendered directly by Chimera or raytraced. (To copy a molecule model to create a new model, use the command combine instead. To copy settings from one molecule model to another, use the command mcopy.)

If the file keyword is given, the image is saved in filename. If "-" is supplied instead of a filename, a dialog for saving a file will appear. The printer option does not work on Windows. On other platforms, the printer option sends the image in PostScript form to the printer named printername. If "-" is supplied instead of a printer name, the image is sent to the default system printer. If neither file nor printer is specified, a dialog for saving a file will appear.

If pixel width and height are not specified, the image will have the same pixel dimensions as the graphics window. If only one dimension is specified, the other will be set according to the graphics window aspect ratio; if both are specified but the image aspect ratio is not the same as the graphics window aspect ratio, the image contents will differ from what is shown in the window.

The subdivision quality may be adjusted automatically.

If the image is rendered directly by Chimera (the raytrace keyword is not supplied):

If the image is raytraced with POV-Ray (the raytrace keyword is supplied):
See also: windowsize, preset, export, Save Image, tips on preparing images