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Paint programs can be used to emphasize certain aspects of an image, such as the difference in the sizes of inhibitors in this image of Alpha Lytic Protease and two substrates.

MidasPlus does not provide any painting utilities. On most platforms, paint programs would have to be obtained from third party vendors or from public domain packages. However, on the Silicon Graphics, the Showcase program can be used for labelling, drawing arrows, and other types of simple drawing.

The rgb files produced by MidasPlus with the "-o" flag on the Silicon Graphics can be converted to various formats, such as TIFF or PostScript, for exporting to programs on other types of machines. Consult "Converting Image Files to Other Formats" in part III of the MidasPlus manual for further info.

Do a "man -k image" for the various types of image utilities on the Unix machine you are working on.


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