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Crosseye density

Image of custom designed peptide that forms a
4 Helix Bundle JPEG version (438KB), TIFF version (1,818KB)

The MidasPlus session which displays this protein and its density can be found in ../4helix_density.

See the manual page for using the "density" delegate program for MidasPlus. Experiment with displaying various contour levels.

Ribbonjr was used to render the density, as there is too much information for Neon to handle efficiently. It is also in crosseye stereo:

	command:  stereoimg -c -p ribbonjr

This command will produce a stereo image of the density using a solid, Ribbonjr type representation. Open the MidasPlus session mentioned above to test this command. ©2004 The Regents, University of California; all rights reserved.