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Modeling Collagen

We have recently completed studies of 0.5-1.0 nanosecond molecular dynamics simulations of collagen-like peptides. These peptides are used as models of native and mutated collagens for studying the structural aspects of the genetic collagenous disorder Osteogenesis imperfecta. The molecular graphics image shown here depicts a 10% contour of water occupancy of a triple-mutant collagen-like peptide and was generated using MidasPlus. For additional information, see “Computational investigations of structural changes resulting from point mutations in a collagen-like peptide,” Teri E. Klein and Conrad C. Huang, Biopolymers 49:167 (1999). Card design by Heidi Houtkooper. The UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory is supported by the National Center for Research Resources (grant P41-RR01081, Thomas Ferrin, Principal Investigator).

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Blue hues are much more vibrant in the original image: